Sithonia west coast
Mezonetes Toroni are situated in a paradise like location of the northern Greece, in the west coast of Sithonia, central peninsula of Chalkidiki.  Torone is renowned for her aquamarine coast as well as the peacefulness that provides to the visitors.

The prefecture of Chalkidiki is located in Northern Greece, southeastward of Thessaloniki. The city is a magical place and an attraction for thousands of visitors due to the unique characteristics that disposes. The region is especially renowned for her natural beauty due to the rich plantation, running waters, fountains, lakes and coves. One of the biggest attractions of Chalkidiki are the beaches, with many of them blending with verdant forests. The villages of Chalkidiki are extremely picturesque, with the traditional element being dominant, in the verdant hills or near the frilled beaches. In every corner of Chalkidiki there are significant archeological, historic and religious sights that definitely worth a visit.

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