Polygyros is the capital of the prefecture of Chalkidiki, situated in the center of the Chalkidiki peninsula, in the base of the Cholomontas mountain, with an altitude of 560 meters.

In the northern side of Polygyros there is a verdant slope that climbs up to the Tsoukalas pick (890 m.) , where a panoramic and enchanting sight exists: The three peninsulas of Sithonia, Kassandra (ancient Pallene) and Mount Athos with the picturesque islands of Diaporos,  Amouliani and Kelyfos.

Several theories exist regarding the origin of the name Polygyros. Some claim that the name derives from the numerous ‘’slopes’’ of the hills, from the greek word polygeros (poly=very, geros=healthy) because of the healthy climate, from the name Polyaros (an old landowner) that was discovered in a an engraved inscription or finally, from the words poly (very) and ieros (sacred) due to the ancient temple existed in the area, which even after the destruction and depopulation of the Apollonia of Chalkidiki, managed to maintain its prestige.

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