Olythos is an ancient city of Chalikidki, built in a rich plain, at the head of the gulf of Torone, near the neck of the Pallene peninsula.
The classical city was established according to the Hippodamian grid plan, in an area of 600×300 m., with blocks that were divided with horizontal and vertical streets. The theater of the city was never found, something that is quite remarkable. The houses had two floors, with internal yard. The agora is placed in the south while the rich villas in the eastern part. Among the rich villas that were discovered from excavations there is those of the Agathe Tych, the Actor and the Twin Eros, with mosaic floors, vessels, jewelry and clay idols being found inside them. The first archeological discoveries came to the light of the day in 1928. The most recent excavations took place in the 90’s.

Archeological Museum in Olynthos
Inside the archeological area of ancient Olynthos operates the Archeological Museum since 1998. The purpose of the museum is to offer a complete look of the archeological city of Olynthos as well as a description of the excavations and the renovation. This process takes place exclusively with the use of audiovisuals.

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