Stagira is the birthplace of Aristotle and the entrance of the municipality of Stagira, Akanthos. It is located in the base of the Stratoniko (Strempeniko) mountain, with altitude of 500 meters, in the northeast side of Chalikidiki.

The location of the city, mainly known as the birthplace of Aristotle, is identified with certainty from the ancient writers’ references as well as from investigations of modern researchers. Nowadays, in the entrance of the village the visitors have the opportunity to visit the park in which is located the statue of Aristotle and also many others monuments, like towers (one of the 16th century), public bathhouses and the House of Madem Aga from Siderokausia. The central temple is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary and is dated back in 1814.

The city that Aristotle was born, was destroyed from Philip II of Macedon but was rebuilt from Alexander the Great, in honor of his tutor. The habitats worked in the nearby mines during the Byzantine era and this continued during the Ottoman rule.  These mines belonged in monasteries of Holy Athos till the 18th century, and after that they passed in the hands of Mademochoria.

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